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The weekend is probably the toughest 2-3 days for most people to keep up their healthy habits they commit to Monday-Friday. I'm here to help you have a "healthy weekend" with these 10 tips. 1. Workout in the morning before you get distracted from the million things going on in your day. You'll be less likely to skip your workout. 2. Limit your drinks. I'm not saying don't drink alcohol BUT watch how much and what you are drinking. Those liquid calories add up fast. 3. Eat like you do on the weekday...VIP! 4. Don't go hungry to a party, event or outing. Make sure to have a light snack so you don't over eat. 5. Schedule some relaxation time! Unwind and kickback. 6. Make sure you get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will wreck havoc on your mind and body. 7. Get outside (if weather permits) and be active! 8. Prep for the week ahead. Plan your workouts, your meals and snacks and anything else you are going to need to have a successful week ahead. 9. Be productive- don't have a lazy Sunday. Maybe you tackle cleaning out that closet? Volunteer your time? Something so you feel accomplished. AND My number 1 tip and tip #10....if you consistently take the weekend Friday-Sunday with exercise (you are actually losing 18 days per month which equals to a little over 2 weeks)! Most people eat/drink so many calories from Friday-Sunday that they end up negating all of their hard work from Monday-Friday which is why so many people are always on that roller coaster of trying to burn off their weekend at the start of each week. Make sure you log your food and drinks for the weekends!!!!

Plus our everyday activity levels aren't as much on the weekends which is why it's important that you still keep moving.

Treat your weekends like Week days! Jennifer

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