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I’ve got a good one for you today – this is something I get asked about all the time:

How long does it take to get results from your new health routine?

This post will lay it all out for you but I also want you to keep one important thing in mind:

PLEASE do NOT get into the “crash” mindset, where you try to speed your way toward your goals.

That can end badly, with you feeling frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed … and then giving up.

It’s so much more rewarding (and healthier) to enjoy the process!

Plus, everything that you learn and experience along the way will help you KEEP all of your amazing results.

All of what I am about to say depends on a few factors, including:

  1. Your health & fitness history

  2. Your current health & fitness level

  3. Any workouts you do

  4. The food you eat

  5. How stressed you are and how much sleep you’re getting

  6. The distance between you and your goal

With all of that said: it’s fun to see and feel the results of all your efforts! Plus, it can be incredibly empowering.


You might notice you feel less stressed, your mood is up, and you sleep better. You’ll feel proud of yourself for taking action!


This is when you start to gain some momentum. If changing the number on the scale is a goal, you’ll start to notice that happen (if not sooner IF you are creating a deficit through exercise and diet).

Plus, you’ll start to gain real confidence in yourself, and will be proud of yourself for sticking with your new routine! You’ll really feel great and have a renewed sense of energy.


You’ll notice your momentum building, with continued improvements across the board.

And if you miss a day or two, you’ll notice how it affects your mood and/or energy.


This is when people will start noticing and ask what you’re doing that’s new!

Your energy will be up and you’ll be on your way to establishing healthy habits to last a lifetime.

You’ll notice your mood is more stable, your brain fog will be nearly gone, and you’ll have a lot fewer aches and pains throughout the day!

Now imagine how it would feel to wake up 12 weeks from now … after sticking with your new program and experiencing these results for yourself.

Pretty incredible, right?

Well it really all IS achievable – especially with support and the accountability to help keep you on track.

I KNOW you can do it if you set your mind to it.

And what happens after 12 weeks? Well, for those of us that have been at this most days for the past several just becomes part of your lifestyle and in the end that is what is most important for your future health.

You want to create a lifestyle...remember a healthy lifestyle isnt just an 8 week program...its something that ebbs and flows with life and something that just becomes part of your daily routine after time.

You won't ever regret it... I promise!

Have a great day,


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