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1. If you start building healthy habits now, you’ll have strategies in place to minimize those unhealthy choices during the holidays which can keep you from pushing farther away from your goals and make it that much easier come January when holiday temptations are gone.

2. Waiting until the start of the new year is the very definition of procrastination! Waiting until 1/1 only delays working through any challenges you need to face to reach your goals. By starting now, you can put an end to procrastination and the stress that comes with it!

3. The Winter Blues set in after the holidays and can make it even tougher to start. By starting now you get a head start on those feel good endorphins and establish a fitness routine before winter really kicks in and has a chance to de-rail your resolution.

4. Who doesn’t like a head start? Just think you’ll be almost 30 days in to your new lifestyle! You’ll have it locked in, feeling productive, and prepared to tackle the next goal!

5. Starting now keeps it all about you Starting now screams “this matters to me” instead of “I’m doing this because everyone else is and I’m supposed to”

Have a great day and join us Monday through Friday Mornings for our 5:30AM Boot Camps at MBC,


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